7 Steps To Fit Feet

Isn’t it funny how we are so conscious of keeping our bodies healthy but often forget about one of the most important parts, our feet? We rely on our feet every single day yet we rarely consider the impact our busy schedules are having on our poor soles. Today, I wanted to share some quick tips for giving your feet some TLC.

1. Are your feet sore?

Ok, Ok, I know this is an obvious one but so many people are suffering from sore toes, sore feet, and sore ankles but don’t consider getting them checked out. It is possible you are suffering from an underlying condition that needs treatment so if you are in pain, call your Podiatrist or your GP.

2. Massage Your Feet

That’s right, get that moisturizer out and give those feet a good rub to relax all those muscles that have been working all day. Better yet, get your other half to do it for you This allows your feet to recover from the exercise and walking around you have done that day (especially for the ladies in heels) and supports circulation. Remember to include your nails.

3. Remember your calcium

Speaking of nails… it is important that you are receiving your recommended daily intake of calcium. If you are unsure, the daily recommended dosage is between 1,000 mg. and 1,500 mg. When we think about calcium, it’s often our bones, teeth and hair that come to mind. Calcium can result in dry and brittle nails resulting in higher vulnerability to picking up infections. Drink a glass of milk each day to keep the Podiatrist away –he he.

4. Soak your feet in black tea

Black Tea contains tannic acids that kill foot odour and shrink the pours in your feet. We all suffer from sweaty feet now and again ; this is a fantastic cure. We have covered this in a previous blog so for more information, click here.

5. Let your feet breathe

Feet stuck in socks or tights all day equal one thing; humidity aka the perfect breading ground for bacteria and in particular, fungi. Let the air in once in a while and your feet with thank you.

6. Trim, don’t cut

You know those annoying bits of skin at the side of your toenails that your really want to pull off? Don’t! This can rip the tissue leaving your feet/nails open to infection. By the same note, make sure to trim your toenails straight across instead of down the sides.

7. Pretty and Polished

If you are using nail polish regularly, you are most likely to be using nail polish remover too. If so, make sure to use Acetate-based removers instead of those containing Acetone or Formaldehyde. These will dry out your feet resulting in weakness and breakage.

7 Steps to Fit Feet! As always, I hope you found this an informative post. If you have any questions or comments to add, leave them at the bottom or you can contact me directly.

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Have a great day,


Chloe Forbes-Kindlen