How Looking After Your Feet Produces A Great Golf Game

Golf is a fantastic sport and living in Perthshire, we are very lucky to be surrounded by amazing golf courses.

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As with any sport, there are common injuries you need to be aware of, Golf is no different. However, being aware of these injuries enables you to take preventative measures and avoid obtaining an injury yourself.

With Golf, one of the more common problem areas is the lower back. This is a result of the repetitive swing and the stress impact this action has on the discs, ligaments, muscles and facet joints of your back. Naturally, as you age, this impact becomes greater and you will need to seek advice and support from a Physiotherapist. Strengthening your core can help.

Today though, let’s talk about your feet and two things that can really help you improve your Golf game.

1.To keep your par in check, you’ve got to keep your feet in check!

Good balance is the basis of all fitness and you probably know that being balanced is going to help your golf game but do you know why?

We put a huge amount of stress on our feet just by standing and walking, if we are unbalanced or unevenly distributing that stress, we weaken vulnerable areas of our feet.  Feet problems (as a result of poor balance) can directly impact your lower back so this is something to be aware of and if you are in pain, seek help.

Good Balance = A good game!

2. Wearing the right shoes is also critical.

I know, I know, obviously you wear Golf shoes. The problem isn’t the shoe as much as it is the size of the shoe. Many of us are wearing the wrong shoe size and as a result, we are opening ourselves up to numerous foot problems in the future e.g. an ingrown toenail from our feet banging against the top of the shoe or athlete’s foot from our feet not having enough air to breath. Nothing helps your game more than a good old infection, right? Nope.

There you have it. It’s amazing how much looking after your feet can help your game but more importantly, your health.

There is one last thing to cover… the big one…

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Chloe Forbes-Kindlen