How To Keep Your Feet In Tip Top Shape!

Number One: Dry/Cracked Skin

One of the biggest problems with feet during the winter time is dry or cracked skin. If you notice your heels are cracked, don’t ignore this. Use a good quality moisturiser daily after your bath/ shower or at bedtime. This will help to heel those cracks in no time- pun intended.  This doesn’t have to be a foot cream specifically; most moisturisers will do the trick but if in doubt, ask your local pharmacist.

Extra Tip: When soaking your feet, try adding a few drops of tee-tree oil. This is naturally anti-bacterial.

Number Two: Damp Feet

Try to keep your feet at a steady temperature and ensure they are dry at all times. Damp feet are a breeding ground for conditions like Fungal Nail infections and Athlete’s foot.  Foot pumps are out. Ensure your footwear has no holes and if they do, it’s time to upgrade.

Number Three: Party Nails

Be careful when trimming nails and toenails. Cut straight across and leave 1-2mm of nail. If you are on those Christmas nights out ladies, be careful when applying and removing nail polish especially if you have any cuts or scrapes. This could irritate and cause infection.

Number Four: Party Feet

In addition to being waterproof, ensure you are wearing shoes that are comfortable and fit correctly. This one is for men and woman. You can still look good and be pain-free. Plus, it’s a lot more fun to wriggle those toes, shimmy your feet and dance to the beat on your Christmas nights out when you’re not restricted by those tightly fitted shoes.

Number Five: Regular Check-Ups

If in doubt, give your regular Podiatrist a call. Having your feet checked regularly will keep your feet in tip-top shape and eliminate any issues before they occur. While a big part of a Podiatrist’s job is to help cure foot problems, it is just as important to prevent them. You will feel a lot better for it especially as the colder months draw in. If you are in pain, don’t complain, just give us a call and I’ll be there to sort you out.

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Until next time, have a great day!

~Lindsay Davidson 

Chloe Forbes-Kindlen